About Earlens

Only Earlens uses a small lens placed directly on the eardrum to vibrate and activate your natural hearing process. By sending sound information directly to the eardrum without a speaker, you get more complete sound than any other hearing device on the market. The result? Rich, natural sound.

The world’s first and only hearing solution to directly vibrate the eardrum.

Hear Like Your Ears Do

Traditional hearing aids amplify sound through a speaker. But, tiny speakers can only amplify a limited bandwidth of sound before the sound quality deteriorates. Think of how much better music sounds through a theater surround sound system versus tiny earbuds. Conventional hearing aids try to compensate for these limitations through complex algorithms, but those can only go so far. That’s why Earlens decided to change the game.

With normal hearing, sound enters the ear canal and vibrates the eardrum, which activates the natural hearing system. Instead of using a speaker to amplify waves, Earlens uses a custom Lens to gently move the eardrum, just like in normal hearing. The result is rich, natural sound with crisp highs and full lows across a broader bandwidth—including the higher frequencies that contribute to speech clarity and understanding.

Customized for Your Ears and Lifestyle

Earlens is custom designed and built for your ears. Your listening experience is then optimized as your Earlens is fit and programmed based on your exact hearing needs. You can even personalize additional settings for different situations and adjust your Earlens using the Earlens App and Made for iPhone connectivity features.

Getting Started

STEP 1 | Earlens Consultation

Your audiologist and physician will confirm whether you are a candidate for Earlens based on your hearing and your ear canal shape.

STEP 2 | Ear Impressions

Every Earlens solution is custom built. You will have ear impressions taken that will be used to personalize your Lens and Ear Tips.

STEP 3 | Fitting & Programing

The physician will place your Lens(es) and the audiologist will program your Processors based on your individual hearing needs.

To Learn more about Earlens visit their site or contact us.

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