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Lose the hose & mask.

Just sleep.

Introducing the only FDA approved obstructive sleep apnea treatment that works inside your body to treat the root cause of sleep apnea with just the click of a button.

What is Inspire?

Inspire Sleep Apnea Innovation provides an alternative to CPAP by treating the root cause of sleep apnea through a gentle stimulation of key airway muscles during sleep, allowing patients to sleep without a mask, hose or machine. You simply switch on your device before bed and let the technology do the work.

How Does it Work?

Inspire is a small device that is placed under the skin of the neck and chest during a short, outpatient procedure performed by Dr. Gary Livingston, an otolaryngologist at the Ear, Nose + Throat Care Center. The device is turned on immediately and controlled by a small remote that requires only 3 AAA batteries. It is the only FDA approved obstructive sleep apnea treatment that works inside the body with just the click of a button.

Will My Insurance Cover it?

Inspire is covered by most major insurance providers, including Medicare. If you have moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea, are getting an inconsistent benefit from your CPAP or are struggling to use it, are over the age of 22, and are not significantly obese, it’s likely that you will qualify to utilize Inspire as a treatment. For those who have chosen Inspire, 90% of bed partners report a decline in snoring, if not an elimination of it and 79% of those armed with Inspire saw a reduction in sleep apnea events.

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In an effort to keep our patients and staff safe during the Coronavirus outbreak, Ear, Nose & Throat Care Center is pleased to announce that we have started telemedicine visits. Some ENT visits do not require face to face communication. Telemedicine will allow you virtual access to your ENT physician from the comfort and safety of your home or workplace. Virtual visits will be conducted with either a smartphone or video conferencing. Please call our office at (847) 649-6000 to schedule a telemedicine virtual visit, similarly to how you would schedule a regular office visit.

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The ENT Care Center is the leading provider for minimally invasive surgical treatment for patients with chronic sinusitis.



Testing, hearing protection and hearing aids are offered at ENT Care Center to meet your hearing needs.



A large part of our practice involves the care and management of kids’ healthcare. Our experience helps us understand their needs.



45% of normal adults snore occasionally, and 25% are habitual snorers. Snoring is an indication of obstructed breathing and should be investigated.



For those who cannot benefit from hearing aids, cochlear implants are an available option to better improve hearing capabilities.



More than 50 million Americans have reported allergies. ENT Care Center has treatments to help manage symptoms and provide relief.


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Mother of Otology Patient DEBBIE "He talked to us like Drew was almost his kid. He said, wouldn’t this be exciting to go for the home run? And it was a grand slam." Father of Tonsillectomy Patient KEN "Even though it's a small, easy procedure that is done all of the time, it made me feel comfortable knowing that she was in good hands with him" Cochlear Implant Patient MICHAEL "Dr. Cundiff did a great job with me. I trust him. If someone asked me for a recommendation on a doctor, I would without hesitation recommend him." Sinus Procedure Patient GAYLE "It makes all of the difference in the world just being able to breathe at night and being able to sleep well." Papillary Thyroid Cancer Patient DAWN "Two weeks in and you can't even tell that I've had the surgery." Papillary Thyroid

Carcinoma Patient
LISA the next day with no complications and was "Dr. Livingston did a great job. I was home a relatively easy surgery."
Balloon Sinuplasty Patient EMILY It was such an easy procedure." "Don't wait as long as I did come in and get it taken care of.

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