About Tongue Ties

Also known as ankyloglossia. It is a diagnosis found at birth that stunts the tongue’s motion paths. This creates struggles in sticking out your tongue, eating food, communicating, and even swallowing. It also causes complications in breastfeeding, the child finding it difficult to suck and causing pain to the mother.

The course of treatment is dependent on the case of the tongue-tie but is often solved with one basic procedure.

Causes Of Tongue Ties

It is uncertain the cause of tongue-tie, but doctors have reason to believe that certain genetics play a role in it. Some doctors believe the tissue may loosen over time, thus waiting on the surgical approach. Most doctors prefer to take care of the issue surgically. Procedures that can be used are a frenotomy, a simple cutting of the tissue, or a frenuloplasty, which is more complex.

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