About Turbinate Reduction

Turbinates are structures in the nose that humidify the air we breathe.   They are made by a boney structure that is surrounded by soft tissue.   Turbinates can enlarge and become swollen causing nasal obstruction, mouth breathing and snoring.

If turbinates remain enlarged after allergy treatment and medications, sometimes it is necessary to perform a simple procedure to reduce the turbinate tissue and improved the nasal passage airway.

Turbinate Reduction is a minimally invasive office procedure, performed under local anesthesia, and take about 5-10 minutes.   Commonly, there is no pain after the procedure and only minimal bleeding which is usually resolved the same day.   Patients typically have increased nasal congestion and crusting for 3-4 weeks.   We recommend frequent nasal saline and antibiotic ointment after the procedure for several weeks.

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