About Sinusitis

Sinus Infection is the more common term for sinusitis. It is when the tissues that line the sinuses become inflamed and buildup of mucus, pus, or debris occurs. A sinus infection has a variety of symptoms including yellow/green discharge, nasal congestion and facial pain/pressure without improvement for at least 10 days. Sinusitis affects 1 in 8 Americans on an annual basis.

Acute sinusitis is diagnosed by yellow/green drainage, nasal congestion, and facial pain/pressure without improvement for at least 10 days.

What Is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is inflammation or an infection of the paranasal sinus cavities. It can be caused by bacterial, fungal, or viral infection or it may be due to an allergic or autoimmune issue.  Acute sinus infections last less than a month, but chronic sinus infections can last for over 3 months.

How Is Sinusitis Treated?

Acute sinusitis that is bacterial can be treated with antibiotics. A decongestant and saline nasal wash may also be recommended. Chronic sinusitis can be temporarily treated with nasal irrigation. Surgery can also be done to help treat chronic sinusitis.

Sinus Surgery

Surgery is done through the nostril and involves enlargement of the sinus openings allowing fluid to drain.  Different surgeries include in-office balloon sinuplasty or traditional endoscopic sinus surgery which is performed under a general anesthesia.

Balloon Sinuplasty

This surgery uses a balloon catheter to expand the sinus opening in order to promote drainage. There is no cutting of bone or tissue which leads to a much quicker recovery. A balloon catheter is placed into the inflamed sinus and then it is inflated. This causes the sinus opening to expand and repositions the bones safely and permanently. After this, the balloon is deflated and removed.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic sinus surgery is performed in the operating room under a general anesthesia. Surgery is done using a small camera through the nostrils. The natural sinus openings are identified and enlarged by removing blocked inflamed tissue in the area.

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