About Swim Earmolds

Swim molds are earplugs created with waterproof silicone that keep water from entering a person’s ear. They are tailored to your ear to create a tight seal in the ear canal. They are not just created for swimming, as they are helpful in any type of water activity. They may be used for boating, jet skiing, canoeing/kayaking, rafting, paddle boarding, swimming, bathing and showering, attending waterparks, and doing water aerobics.

They keep people from suffering major ear-related health problems, such as ear infections and surfer’s ear. Once babies have reached age one, 62% of them have suffered from an ear infection. By age 3, that percentage increases to 80%, and almost 100% by age 5. Taking into account Americans of all ages, there are about 25 million doctor’s appointments in relation to ear infections each year. Ear infections can have many causes, but water exposure is the most popular.

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