About Musician’s Earplugs

Loud music exposure is one of the top causes of noise-induced hearing loss. When you are a musician, it is common to spend hours practicing and performing. A musician needs a good sense of hearing to create music, but repeated exposure to loud music can damage that sense. Musician’s earplugs keep hearing damage from occurring, as well as allow the musician to still enjoy performing and listening to music.

What Makes Musician’s Earmolds Different?

While traditional earplugs muffle music and speech, musician’s earplugs reduce sound levels evenly and keep the sound quality intact. This makes music and speech clear, natural, and safe to hear. The earplugs consist of a diaphragm and an earmold that create attenuation, or a reduction in sound, which translates as smooth and flat for the entire frequency range. Most musician earplugs allow for different ranges of attenuation, so it can accommodate the different sound volumes (one level for private rehearsals, one for large concerts, etc).

Musician Earplugs can be used in place of loudspeaker monitoring systems, which can be bulky and space consuming. These earplugs can also benefit people while just attending concerts, airshows, and sporting events.

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