About Hunter’s Earmolds

Guns are a severe threat to your hearing. Hearing a gunshot could cause instant, permanent, and irreversible damage to one’s ears. This should come to no surprise as the noise emitted from a gunshot is louder than the sound from a jet engine.

Most regular gun users (like hunters, police officers, sharpshooters, and military personnel) avoid using basic earplugs because it is hard to differentiate safe and damaging sounds. Military and hunters use advanced earplug technology that helps solve this issue. The ear molds for these devices can either be purchased in custom fit or universal fit. The universal fit is usually cheaper than custom fit, but the custom fit keeps the earplug secure to the ear.

How Do Hunter’s Earmolds Work?

These earmolds will exclude damaging loud sounds, while allowing important, understated sounds to still enter your ear. The acoustic filter eliminates the loud sounds (like gun shots) and intensifies the softer sounds (rustling of twigs or talking). The Hunter’s molds also feature a valve that reacts to the noises that are damaging, closing off when these harmful tones are detected. This way, even when you are not the one firing, your ears are still protected.

If you are around firearms often, whether for hobby, sport, or work, it is extremely important that you take the precautions for hearing by investing in some form of ear plug.

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