About Hearing Aid Repairs

Your typical wear and tear for hearing aids includes daily exposure to moisture, earwax, and other environmental factors. It is almost impossible to avoid a hearing aid repair at some point, even if you are meticulous about your cleaning regimen.

Hearing Device Follow-Up

You will be asked to schedule one to two follow-up appointments for the first few weeks with your new hearing aid. Specialized programming for volume and sound quality with be administered to help best fit the hearing aid to your needs. Hearing aid device adjustments and cleanings are at no additional cost but should be administered regularly for your best hearing quality.

Hearing Device Troubleshooting

Your doctor will help you learn how to fix certain hearing aid issues yourself like loss of sound, weak or distorted sound, feedback, or whistling. These issues can often be solved by simply replacing the battery, cleaning the ear piece, or replacing the wax guard.

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