Hearing Aid Accessories

Today’s hearing aids are still falling short in some settings, such as the location of the source of the sound and loud background noise, despite unparalleled advances in digital hearing loss treatments.

Hearing aid accessories are the best way to improve hearing in situations where your hearing aids need a boost.

Types Of Hearing Aid Accessories

Assistive listening devices

  • Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are a type of hearing aid accessory designed to transmit sounds from their source directly to you. Depending on the technology they use to communicate, there are three categories of ALDs: frequency-modulated systems (FM), audio loops, and infrared systems.


  • Microphones are subtle, small devices that are designed to be placed close to a speaker to collect noise that is then streamed directly to your ears. They are helpful when you need to carry on a conversation successfully in a loud environment like a sporting event or a restaurant.  They are also helpful in classrooms, meetings, lectures, and other similar situations

Remote controls

  • Remote controls offer a convenient amount of power regarding the settings on your hearing aids, so that you don’t have to worry about adjusting settings, power, or programming manually. The remotes can either be linked to your smartphone with an app, or be a small, handheld device.


  • The key to operating your device is batteries; They’re always important to have on hand regardless of where you are.

Rechargeable Batteries

  • Rechargeable hearing aids are the most popular models among users because it frees the users from doing the grueling tasks of changing batteries, testing the batteries daily, and carrying around an extra set of batteries.
  • These batteries are also environmentally friendly and can save hearing aid users money and waste (save up to 100 batteries a year).
  • You can easily charge them overnight for all-day use the next day, you do not have to worry about keeping a spare set of batteries nearby just in case.
  • Most rechargeable batteries can hold up to 24 hours of battery use and feature a fast-charging option, that provides a few hours of immediate use.

Bluetooth Devices

  • Wireless hearing aid accessories connect you to your hearing aids and your other personal devices. The Bluetooth feature allows the user to obtain sound from their phone, TV, speaker, computer, and more directly to your hearing aid.

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