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At the Ear, Nose + Throat Care Center, we specialize in providing forward-thinking care for each individual patient that walks through our doors. We go above and beyond to provide a trusted and caring approach to the most comprehensive medical and surgical care of adult and pediatric ear, nose, throat, sinus and nasal problems.

He is an Advocate Physician Safety Champion at Good Shepherd hospital based on his commitment to safe surgery and patient care.

Meet Jason Cundiff, M.D.

Dr. Jason Cundiff is a Board-Certified Otolaryngologist. He completed his training at University of Illinois in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Cundiff is thoroughly trained in the medical and surgical treatment of disease of the ear, nose and throat and related structures of the head and neck.

Jason Cundiff, M.D. has received several awards and honors for exceptional patient care during his career.  He was nominated by his peers and served as the Chairman of Surgery at Good Shepherd Hospital from 2017-2018.

He received the Physician Excellence in Teamwork Award which is awarded to one physician in McHenry County on an annual basis and is awarded based on:

  • Exemplifying excellence in physician collaboration
  • Signifying a willingness to identify and utilize the teachable moments with others on the health care team
  • Utilizing relationship-based care principles
  • Exhibiting passion about medicine/health care
  • Consistently delivering high levels of patient satisfaction

Meet Pam Smekrud, Au. D.

Pam Smekrud has worked with Dr. Jason Cundiff for over a decade. Pam knew she wanted to pursue a helping profession, and she found herself called to Audiology. She became a doctor of Audiology because she understands hearing loss can cause a person to become isolated, and getting people back into their lives the way they wish to be is something she values greatly.

Meet Ashley Ward, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Ashley chose this profession so she could make a difference. She started as a nurse and decided to become a nurse practitioner so she could make a bigger impact in her patients’ lives. She became a Family Nurse Practitioner, so she could treat all ages and then specialized in Ear, Nose, and Throat to work as part of Dr. Cundiff’s team. 


The mission of Ear, Nose and Throat Care Center is to provide the utmost quality of care to patients with ailments of the ears, nose, and throat.

Our practice emphasizes on patient education, compassionate care, clinical excellence, and the use of the most modern technology available to treat the medical and surgical problems within our specialty.

Our promise is to provide care that is responsive to the individual needs of each patient, creating a long-lasting relationship that is personal and not simply confined to the disease process.


Mother of Otology Patient DEBBIE "He talked to us like Drew was almost his kid. He said, wouldn’t this be exciting to go for the home run? And it was a grand slam." Father of Tonsillectomy Patient KEN "Even though it's a small, easy procedure that is done all of the time, it made me feel comfortable knowing that she was in good hands with him" Cochlear Implant Patient MICHAEL "Dr. Cundiff did a great job with me. I trust him. If someone asked me for a recommendation on a doctor, I would without hesitation recommend him." Sinus Procedure Patient GAYLE "It makes all of the difference in the world just being able to breathe at night and being able to sleep well." Papillary Thyroid Cancer Patient DAWN "Two weeks in and you can't even tell that I've had the surgery." Papillary Thyroid

Carcinoma Patient
LISA the next day with no complications and was "Dr. Livingston did a great job. I was home a relatively easy surgery."
Balloon Sinuplasty Patient EMILY It was such an easy procedure." "Don't wait as long as I did come in and get it taken care of.

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